The Sustainable Village: Bringing Ideas to Reality

Sustainable Village Construction

The Sustainable Village started with the idea of bringing sustainable housing to the UAF campus. A student design competition was held in the fall of 2011; during this course, three teams of students learned about sustainable building design, community structure, etc. specific to Alaska.

The teams were tasked with taking this knowledge and developing their vision for sustainable housing on the UAF campus. The winning five-student team worked with the CCHRC design team to bring their ideas into reality in the winter of 2011-2012.

In the spring of 2012, construction on the village started; several students involved with the design process continued their contributions to the project as workers on the construction site.

Four four-bedroom units were completed in August in time for the Fall Semester 2012.

This project has brought together students, the University community, non-profits, and the private sector via many dynamic and trailblazing partnerships.

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